We are so excited to release our first Christmas album!  We trust that you'll find this Christmas album unlike any other. In a time where Christmas has become more commercialized, it's important to look beyond all the lights, gifts, and busyness and to actually connect with the Spirit of the season.  Our hope is that this album will help you do just that.

We started working on it back in April.  Understandably, it was bizarre to start thinking about Christmas during the spring, but we definitely got in the spirit!  We took a creator's retreat to the coast and stayed at the home of two of the most beautiful people on earth, Raschel and Norm Gray.  They spoiled us like nobody's business.  They also inspired us with their amazing stories and filled our hearts with their deeply encouraging words.  Oh! And they fed us.  Food without end!

Once we had all the songs laid out.  We hurried back to Boston and began the recording process with John Weston at Futura Productions.  We worked tirelessly and at times, tiredly.  Our manager, Vincent, kept the whip ready to keep us on track and on schedule.  Then we had Micah head over to our sound engineer and friend Tim Bongiovanni of Northgate Productions to record the vocals.  

Meanwhile, we had to put together our photoshoot for the album art.  Our friend and photo-editor, Rosalee McGilvery came up with the idea of having us seated on a red couch in a snowy field with a Christmas tree.  We thought it was a super cool idea, but we had a couple problems.  How do we get snow to fall in the middle of the summer?  And we only had a greenish couch--not a red one.  Rosalee said she could make it all happen.  And she did!  We hired our friend Shef Reynolds to scout out locations and shoot the photos.  Then let Rosalee work her meteorological alchemy.  Meanwhile, our stylist, Joy Kingsley-Ibeh came into town and worked out an amazingly edgy yet classy wardrobe.  Once we had the look and the photos edited, our friend Aaron Perry took all the images and put together one snazzy album jacket!

All the while, Cordaro and Kendall were busy composing some epic orchestral arrangements for some of the songs on the album.  At the same time, Tim began mixing all the tracks.  This was an incredibly tedious process involving lots of going back and forth and lots of opinions and revisions!  But this process made the album all the better.

Throughout all this, our executive coordinator, Jocelyn Vierra, was tirelessly working on making sure our PledgeMusic campaign ran smoothly.  Without her, there would not be an album to release right now.  We can't see any way we would've been able to create and arrange music while going through all the tedium of running our campaign.  She's indispensable. 

And then there is our manager and executive producer Vincent Richardson who was as equally indispensable.  He connected us with the right people, made sure all the legal work was taken care of, and made the whole operation run smoothly.

The result of all these moving pieces is what we now present to you: "Christmas: Beyond the Lights."