It's been a minute since we've updated everyone.  So much has been happening that it has been hard to sit down and process it all.

First, we're excited to present to you our debut album.  We hope that you enjoy it and find it moving.  We've been excited to hear all the positive feedback and sales have been going incredibly well.  

Second, we're so glad to have packed and shipped the album and pledge exclusives to you directly rather than going through a company.  It helped us feel a deeper connection with you all.  We can say that doing so took an immense amount of work, a few paper cuts, and lots of silly playfulness to keep us going!  

Third, there are so many people to thank.  I would post all those names here, but then this post would become so long that I might break the website.  Squeezing all our "thank yous" on the album jacket was a feat in itself!  Even so, we have to thank you all again and again; you are the ones that have made this possible.  You are the ones who are fundamentally irreplaceable.  Thank you so much.

Fourth, we are still tweaking the website to make it more attractive and user-friendly.  We do plan on selling the album through the website as well as making merchandise available for purchase.  No timeline has been set on that, but stay tuned!  Until then, grab the album, dim the lights, listen to "Sons of Serendip" and allow yourself to be taken somewhere special.