Tonight at 8/7c on NBC we'll be on the second episode of America's Got Talent - Judgment Week.  If we make it through, we'll be on to the live shows.  This is exciting and terrifying.  During Judgment Week we were performing just in front of the four judges.  If we go on to live shows at Radio City Music Hall, we'll be performing live in front of America which exponentially increases the pressure we'll feel.

As a group we've been discussing what happens after AGT, whether we win or lose.  Before AGT, we were all doing our own separate things.  I, Cordaro, am a part-time lawyer, part-time administrative assistant at a church.  Kendall is a cello teacher and works part-time at a grocery store.  Mason works part-time teaching harp and performing at weddings.  Micah teaches English as a second language.  The idea of continuing with those things is far less exciting than pursuing the potential that our group has to offer the world of music.  

Of course, nothing lasts forever.  We know that our group can't or won't exist forever--it's ephemeral.  But that's what makes it beautiful--we must cherish this experience before it fades away.  Likewise, serendipitous moments are only serendipitous at their beginning. After that, they get lost in the noise of all other moments.  So we want to make this experience worthwhile, win or lose.

On a separate note, we would soooo love to quit our day jobs and do Sons of Serendip full time!  We're praying for the day that happens.  There is so much music--original music--pent up inside of us that we want to release!  Stay tuned.