Tonight, everything is going to change for us.  We've spent the past few days frantically trying to establish a web presence so that when we appear on America's Got Talent, people will be able to find us.  I've never built an entire website, but using Squarespace has made it pretty simple.  Designing the logo has been a fun creative process as well.  Clandestinely hidden in the log are the initials S.O.S.--Sons of Serendip.  I think what we've built will do for now, but undoubtedly we'll make the website better.

Yes, we are incredibly excited about AGT.  I can't stress that enough.  My hope and prayer is that "our sound" will truly move people in a very deep and soulful manner.

As for how America will respond to us, I have no clue.  Maybe we'll blow up in a lasting and meaningful way.  Maybe we'll simply be a curiosity.  Maybe we'll start something new.  Maybe we'll be just a quick fad.  I don't know.  But honestly, it that isn't so important because, simply put, we love what we are doing.

Did I mention we're super excited?